Holistic Medicine Therapetic ‘Field’


It would be not fair to say that this therapeutic approach heals everything !. In fact, no one needs to get sick to start his LIFE STYLE changes ….. You can start any time, preventively.
First of all, holistic medicine helps us to get to know ourselves better, to acquire balance and health at all levels in our lives.
Is frequently beneficial in:

Holistic and Lifestyle medicine approach is suitable for anyone that is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well for those who seek to prevent and manage the following . Common ailgments that found relief with holistic/lifestyle medicine

  • IBS Irritabe/inflammatory bowel syndrome ( bloating, unstable bowel movements) DYSBIOSIS
  • FGID Functional gastrointestinal disorder, Microbiome health ,LPBS lipopolysacharides.SIBO.
  • SKIN/Atopy/allergy – asthma, eczema,dermatitis/acne.
  • Autoimmunity/immune system support
  • CFS chronic fatigue symdrome/ SEID systemic excertion intolerance disease,MS multiple sclerosis
  • CD celiac disease,NCGS non celiac gluten sensitivity , NWGS non wheat gluten sensitivity
  • LI lactose intolerance.
  • Nutritional advice, IF intermittent fasting. TMR time restricting eating .
  • FOOD intolerances Food related deficiencies ( vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)
  • SLEEP irregularities ( melatonin ) quality ,quantity.
  • STRESS management , MOOD,PSYCHOBIOME –GUT BRAIN axis .
  • LIVER health , NAFLD.
  • LOVE connection and relationships.CHILDHOOD adverse experience.
  • Technology induced Pathology . Occupational hazards.
  • Environmental toxins. HEAVY METALS
  • Activity, Physical STAMINA, FATIGUE.
  • Metabolic Syndrome/ DM diabetic and prediabetic conditions. IR insulin resistance.Obesity.
  • HORMONAL Imbalances, PMT premenstrual tension , PMS premenstrual syndrome. PCOS polyscystic ovary syndrome, fertility support, ESTROGEN DOMINANCE.
  • Degenarative diseases ( Parkinson)
  • Mens Health ,PSA monitoring, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.
  • Glandular support /thyroid and adrenal conditions.
  • CVS cardiocascular conditions, BP blood pressure , Cholesterol HDL/LDL oxidation.
  • HEALTHY Vegan/Vegetarian.
  • NCD Non Communicable diseases (Differential Diagnosis)
  • Fortifying EPIGENETICS-‘Hormesis”
  • Common children ‘s health disorders: joint, toothache, colic, nocturnal enuresis, otitis, nausea.

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