Holistic nutritional therapy

nutriWhen we look at the word diet, we think of “diet”. It’s not always the case. Diet offers not only eating but preventing and curing diseases. Hippocrates used to say ” your food, your medicine ”. Type II diabetes, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids, migraine, indigestion, tympanism, food intolerance, hypertension, anemia, high bad cholesterol, fatty liver, gallstones, thyroid, acne, orthopedic problems weight, fungi, immune disorders, polycystic and more can be resolved with a simple adequte diet.
Diet is also very important in the prevention of diseases with its basic important function: it detoxificate the body. Internally we have toxins created by negative emotions and the well-known stress of all. The elimination of those nocive toxins is very important, because the accumulation of toxins over time alters the homeostasis of the cells and renders them vulnerable to any kind of disease.

The intake of water and the right foods helps prevent the accumulation of toxins and generally improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract system thus contributing to a better health. There are three ways to get rid of toxins from the body. Alkaline nutrition is one of the many methods of eliminating toxins.

It is of greatest importance to aknowledge what is good. For oneself to consume and what is not !


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