Holistic Medicine

Principles of holistic medicine.
The symptoms of the disease come when there is a disturbance of the body’s system’s vital energy. This balance is damaged by internal or external stimuli. Common external stimuli are chemicals, wrongly prescribed medicines, toxins, pollution, radioactivity, abusive diet. Common internal stimuli are particularly negative fast feelings (anger, anxiety, jalousie, etc.) or slow negative emotions (sadness, depression, burn out, etc.). Negative thoughts are attracted to negative situations and negative symptoms.
Each organism has its own healing power that for some reason is prevented to take action. The goal of holistic medicine is for the body to strengthen its vital defense power so that its healing power can cure the symptoms of the disease. A simple example is eczema: eczema comes, passes and re-appears in another form, later. This process in homeopathy is called oppression, as it was not cured and chronically reappears. A Holisticmedical doctor will try to find and treat the primary cause of the symptoms of the disease. Lets say, eczema has possible causes of anxiety, toxins, lack of vitamins, food intolerance and/or allergies. The pharmaceutical substance that treats eczema is one and unique, while with homeopathy the remedy is singularly different to each individual.

There is a medical section that links immunity and psycology . There is belived that 90% of somatic symptoms are linked with our mood. That is further linked to GUT health . As 70% of immunity s linked to gut health .

Holistic medcine is a safe therapeutic method as well as effective, without side effects, non-toxic and non-addictive. However, it is not a panacea or a complete replacement for conventional medicine.